Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Quote: "Happiness is not a goal, it is the result of a life well lived." - Eleanor Roosevelt


Memory Verse - Matthew 18:15
We played a Bible game today to help us learn our Bible Books
Here is a link to a song that can help in learning the Old Testament:

Language Arts:

Today we read a chapter out of the book, Little Britches, by Ralph Moody

We then worked on editing our baseline writing, learning how to use a Thesaurus.

We also created Spelling sentences from our Spelling Words, and learned how to write a lowercase e, f, and g, as well as uppercase F and Gs.

Social Studies:

We began to learn how to read maps.  We learned about the Compass Rose, Title, Legend, and Inset Maps


We are learning how to use our objectives and how to read a textbook.  We are also working on the skill of taking notes, and how to shorten information.


Lesson 3 & 4  Letter problems for both 3 & 4 and odd numbers on Lesson 4


We played a game called Ants today.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Quote:  "Whatever you are, be a good one."

Bible: We are learning Biblical conflict resolution as seen in Matthew 18:15-17
       Memory Verse: Matthew 18:15

Language Arts: Writing
            We began our writing today with a baseline attempt at writing.  This will allow me to see what aspects of writing I need to focus on this year.


     We are alternating science and social studies this year so that each day, I get a longer period to teach each.  Today we began to learn how to use our objectives and how to read a textbook.

Language Arts: Reading

We are beginning to read a book by Ralph Moody entitled Little Britches.  While we are doing this, we are also learning the techniques that good readers apply to books.  Today we learned about making connections.


Time Test: 3
Lesson 1 & 2:  Lettered problems for both lessons one and two. Odd numbered problems for Lesson 2


Pre-Test 1.


We are learning how to form our letters, last week we learned our A's and B's.  Today we learned out C


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Welcome Back To School, Everyone!

This week is filled with introductions and getting to know each other and our classroom.

We will also work on learning how procedures work within the classroom and what my expectations are for my students.

We will also be creating our class jobs and our classroom rules, as well as learning the school's expectations about how we treat each other with respect and a positive attitude.

Here is my quote of the day:
                 "There are three types of people in the world:  Those who can count, and those who can't."

Please copy this quote onto your daily planner and bring it back to class with you tomorrow.

Lastly,  I would like permission to contact all parents via email and text.

As a school we are working to improve our methods of communication, and I am hoping to achieve that by both emailing, sending home a hard copy, and texting announcements.

I believe the office has each of your emails, and I will get those, but I would like your permission to be able to text all of you for important information about the class.  I will not use this flippantly, and have an app that will allow me to send out mass texts at scheduled times so that you are not receiving these texts during the workday.

Please let me know if that is OK with you, and if so, please send the number I can text you at, with your name, on the Daily Planner that your child is returning to class tomorrow.

Thank you very much.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016




Lesson 105


We learned about Rechargeable batteries today, and then collected materials to be able to learn about circuits starting tomorrow.

Language Arts:

Handwriting- Lesson 29 Day 3&4

Spelling- Sentences for the back side of our spelling list.

Writing-  Today was our last day of in class research.   We began organizing our information and will begin writing our research papers tomorrow!


Tuesday, May 17, 2016



Memory Verse - Psalms 51:10,11
We are learning our New Testament Bible Books.  Today we played a game.


Lesson 103 for both groups


We are learning about batteries and how both dry and wet cells are made and how they work

Social Studies:

We reviewed the battles of Trenton and Saratoga, and then learned how women and minorities contributed to the Revolutionary effort.

Language Arts:

Handwriting- Lesson 29 Day 3 &4

Spelling - Lesson 28 Sentences first side.

Writing- Kids are still doing research for their

Reading- We are reading a book entitled The Whipping Boy in class and looking for messages within the text.  Pastor came in and read to us from the book A Thousand Shall Fall.


Monday, May 16, 2016



Memory Verse - Psalm 51:10,11
We are learning our New Testament books


Both groups did lesson 103 today.  We are not doing timed tests this week to focus on getting all of our math assignments up to date and completed.  Those that are caught up will have time to work on other things, such as research for their paper.


We reviewed conductors and insulators, as well as learning about superconductors and their use in Maglev trains.

Social Studies:

We reviewed the battles of Trenton and Saratoga, as well as their importance in the larger scope of the American Revolution

Language Arts:

Handwriting -Lesson 29 day 2 & 3

Spelling - Pre Test for lesson 28

Writing - We are doing research, both online and textual, for our research papers.


We played Sardines in the forest today