Monday, May 22, 2017


Here is the list the kids have volunteered for Thursday's Smovie Day.  If there is a problem supplying what has been volunteered, please let me know.  Thanks

Serving for 10 students

Leily / Emily

Veggies and Dip – L
Trail Mix - E


Smoked Salmon Dip


The Dip


My famous spinach artichoke cheese dip

Evan Hernandez

Cheese Its


Goldfish crackers


Fingerling Potatoes


Tea and Hot Cocoa


Chex Mix


Chips, Assorted

Mr. Bailey

Plates, cups and napkins

Evan Pitchford

Jerky Maybe, homemade


Fruit Salad

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Music Program Practice took up a good portion of our day

Spelling - We did our spelling worksheet for today, which was a worksheet of choice.

Handwriting - Lesson 30 Day 2 & 3

Science - We began to learn our bird identifications for the Homer Trip

Language Arts:  How To Presentations - We continued with 5 more How To presentations for today.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I sent home another needs list for the Homer Outdoor Education Trip.  Please make sure you have one.  It is important the students have a pair of binoculars for this trip.  I highly recommend either 7x35, 7x50, or 8x35, or 8x50.  These are optimal binocular specifications for beginners.


Memory Verse - 1 Peter 3:15
We played Bible Pictionary today

Language Arts: Writing

We are presenting our How To Presentations.


We practiced for the Spring Program during math time.

Social Studies:

We began our Greek Simulation.  I will encourage the students to do some independent research into this time period.  Today they groups were randomly chosen, they then chose their groups polis, made a standard for their group, and then they were able to choose where their group was to sit.

Language Arts: Reading

In class we are reading Chew On This, a look at how our food is prepared in the United States


We practiced our music program during our math time

Language Arts: Spelling / Handwriting

Spelling - Pre Test Lesson 28

Handwriting - Lesson 29 Day 1&2

Monday, April 24, 2017


Final Outdoor Ed Cost: $225 per student. If your child is dual enrolled, please pay at the office and you can get a receipt to turn in for reimbursement.  If for whatever reason, this cost is prohibitive for you, I have funds that have been donated specifically for this need, so please come talk to me.  I want to make sure every student has the opportunity to go and enjoy this adventure.


Memory Verse - John 5:24
We are reading John, today we talked about the historical context that would cause the Pharisees to be upset that Jesus healed a man and commanded him to carry his mat on a Sabbath.

Language Arts: Writing

How to project.  Students are going to write a How To paper and present it to the class.  They are to write a set of instructions in detail and then use it to


Today we reviewed some of the vocabulary words on our objectives and then finished up the female reproductive anatomy.  We discussed the external anatomical part of a female and then had a discussion about God's original plan for sexual relations and how Satan has ruined that concept.

Social Studies:

We are finishing our Lewis and Clark simulation with a quick overview, then moving on to the War of 1812.

Language Arts: Reading


Lesson 99, all problems
We took a little long in PE today and did not get to math in time to work on our Timed Tests

Langauge Arts: Spelling / Handwriting

Spelling -

Handwriting - Lesson 28 Day 1 & 2

Tuesday, April 18, 2017



Memory Verse - Psalm 1:3
We are having a week of prayer today

Language Arts: Writing

We are working on creating dependent clauses using given subordinate conjunctions.


We diagrammed the reproductive anatomy of females in class today.  We diagrammed and discussed ovaries, the uterus, Fallopian Tubes, the cervix, and the vaginal cavity, or vagina.

Social Studies:

Today we went over the complete political map of Africa again

Language Arts: Reading


Lesson 96 odd numbers

Language arts; Spelling / Handwriting

Monday, April 17, 2017



Memory Verse - Psalm 1:3
We are having our Spring Week of Prayer, and the theme this year is Fruit.

Language Arts: Writing

We are practicing using our understanding of Clauses to be able to write complex sentences


We finished the changes that occur in boys and girls during puberty.  The rest of the week will be spent diagramming the the male and female reproductive systems.

Social Studies:

We are working on the full Africa map for this Friday.  Anyone who get the whole map correct as well as spells all of the countries correctly will earn a $15 Cold Stone gift card.

Language Arts: Reading

This is day 11


Lesson 95, all problems.
No timed test today

Language Art: Spelling / Handwriting

Spelling - Pre Test 27

Handwriting - Lesson 27 day 1 & 2

Thursday, April 13, 2017



Memory Verse - Hebrews 8:10
We went over John 5:1-13 - The healing of the invalid at the pool of Bethesda

Language Arts: Writing

Final copy of the business letter is due tomorrow.
Prepositional Phrase worksheet with identification of adjectives and adverbs


We went over the changes that occur to boys and girls during puberty

Social Studies:

Due to discussions generated in science, we never got to social studies today

Language Arts: Reading

Today is day 9 of reading


Lesson 94 all problems

Intermediate 5 - times 8
Course 1 - Decimal division

Langauge ARts: Spelling / Handwriting

Spelling - Sentences for the back side of the spelling list

Handwriting - lesson 26 day 4